James Made | A Customer Experience Story
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A Customer Experience Story

In a matter of two weeks, I was asked to create a testimonial video that told a brand story from the perspective of our customers. I was responsible for:


    • Scheduling time with the customers
    • Finding capable freelance videographers in five different states
    • Managing the budget
    • Communicating my creative and technical requirements
    • Drafting interview questions to drive the narrative
    • Gathering the footage after the shoots and paying the videographers
    • Conducting and shooting local interviews at the headquarters
    • Transcribing all the interviews and finding the narrative thread
    • Selecting and licensing the right music to fit the feel of the piece
    • Edit it all together in 36 hours

There’s nothing more exciting than bringing a story together.
It’s like a puzzle or investigation, where you lay out all the key points and figure out how they best fit together. If done well, the result should feel seamless, genuine, and even a little emotional.


Feedback from the team when they saw this video was outstanding. The sales team saw the potential for drawing an emotional connection with prospects. The executive team saw the potential for showing investors our impact in the marketplace. The product and HR teams saw the potential for motivating employees by demonstrating the powerful, validating impact that everyone’s work has on the customer.

Stories like these are essential.


Sound Recording
Color Grading
Video Editing


Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Audition
Adobe Photoshop
Google Drive