James Made | Tradeshow Booth Redesign
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Tradeshow Booth Redesign

On a limited budget and short time frame, I was asked to redesign our tradeshow booth to better match our current brand message. I was eager to take this on, because our existing booth had a number of problems. First and foremost, its structure left our logo shrouded in shadow rather than giving it focus. There were lights on the booth, but they inexplicably lit blank areas with no content. Those lights shone through semi-transparent orange acrylic panels which cast sharp, ugly shapes across our logo.

The new design darkens the areas that the light illuminates so that the logo can still draw focus. Those lit areas now have key brand messaging. The design does away with the orange acrylic. It uses the valuable space on the cabinet doors for lifestyle imagery showcasing our mobile app. Comparing the before and after, it feels like the brand has finally arrived.